Cold Sore No More

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Cover that cold sore with our natural, minimal ingredient healing ointment! Cold sores are actual open wound blisters caused by the herpes virus that can last up to two weeks, and they are incredibly contagious. Cold sores can appear on the mouth, nose, and cheeks with small fluid-filled blisters that merge together and then burst. Ouch!

Cold Sore No More is our lanolin-based soothing ointment with a bit of additional numbing action. Includes our signature neem oil plus other stimulating antibacterial and antiviral essential oils determined to fight additional infection and bacteria that can invade the open sore.

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Additional Information

How to Use

  1. Wash hands before use to prevent further infection.
  2. It’s best to use a Q-tip to dip into the ointment and blot on the cold sore. If you need more ointment, dab the other end of the cotton swab into the ointment to prevent adding bacteria!
  3. Apply as often as needed.
  4. Use from the very first onset of symptoms.