Medieval Miracle Oil

Bass Farms

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The secret formula used by the legendary “Four Thieves” in the 14th century during
The Plague/The Pestilence/Black Death is still killing harmful bacteria today! Bass Farms uses some of the same essential oils, plus a little more secret stuff, giving our blend the Bass Farms touch.

Numerous Uses:

  • Kills bugs, lice, and fleas
  • A natural insect repellent (without those nasty, icky, harmful man-made chemicals)
  • Nourishes skin and nails
  • Germ and mold killer, antifungal agent, with antibacterial properties
  • Got respiratory or asthma issues? Try a few drops in a vaporizer at night
  • Rub into the arch of your foot at bedtime, too
  • Simmer a few drops in a pan on the stove top to diffuse the air when flu season is in town
  • Drop a few drops into your floor registers to help air quality in your home

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